Buddha in Jefferson Park

Juicy Planet drove to the Jefferson Park neighborhood of West Chicago to purchase all the government stickers that are required to prevent $50 tickets from being plastered to our car windshield. After taking another wrong turn at Luna, we were struck by a delicious breeze, and couldn’t help but pull over to fully breathe in the intoxicating aroma of fresh marijuana being massaged and celebrated in vast quantities nearby but that the naked eye could not see. It was not the smell of reckless addiction or the random escape from human discomfort, it was the pure smell of friendliness, sexiness, and good humor.

We waited for someone to appear and beckon to us, but the only movement was in the distance, outside in an alley, where a tattooed man was cutting open a shipment of colored plastic beads, to be used, he said, to make other plastic things that particular shade of red. The man was kind enough to inform us that Gale Street was between the fabric shop and the McDonalds. Later, while peeling off the back of the Chicago city stickers, which never come off once you put them on, we thought about the Buddha, and wondered if he had smoked marijuana, and also about how attachment to someone has to happen first, before one can practice the detachment part and get any good at it.


Barack Obama will be the next U.S. President

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Juicy Planet sources are now hinting that Barack Obama, despite racism and feelings of resentment that bubble up inside some Americans when push comes to shove and votes must be cast, will become the 43rd President of the United States. Obama’s passion and persona carry a message of citizen unity and government accountability.clinton_obamatalk.jpg

In his voice they detect real pleasure as Obama imagines, with his efforts, the balancing of power and resources in America, with the working class again able to enjoy what once was called, “higher education”, or maybe even “free time”. As we learn to take home an abundance of labor wages and health insurance, we will embrace what the rich call, “skiing”, or “golf”, and discover just what the heck it’s like to be like them and smoke recreational marijuana and never ever fear being caught, fined, or jailed.

romney_gun2.jpegOver in Michigan, the turtle state that never tires of waving to god, comes sauntering up a Mr. Mitt Romney, known for some time as being the Republican halitosis with the mostist Mormon son of former governor, George Romney. Mitt was spotted outside the Amway Hotel sucking down a Yesterdog minus the onion and whispering into the bottom of his aligator penny loafers something about McCain being a traitor during his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, was floating over the Great Lakes in a hot air balloon sharing fruit cups with Edwards and Obama, or was that Kucinich?, as they discussed how to get the heck out of the way and let the Republican 2008 candidates shoot themselves in the foot, with unregistered guns.