Tom Waits for no man

While cleaning out our car to try and find the receipt for a wedding gift (clock) we  needed to return so we could pay our dentist bill, Juicy Planet discovered instead a  ticket stub from a 2002 Tom Petty concert (Grand Rapids), a reddish piece of soft glass that did not want to be found,... Continue Reading →


little pea green boat!

2 minutes. The owl and the pussycat went out to sea in a beautiful pea green boat. When they came back, Juicy Planet let them in and this is what they tried to say.

Flaming Finger will not be put out, even with beer

CLICK here for exclusive Flaming Finger Soundtrack - 30 sec. Sometime in the near past, Juicy Planet was swooped up by an un-forecast-able Midwest tornado, and was sleepily set down again in the middle of an electrocutionist's drunken indoor carnival, except without the good food (see below). In the center quadrant, near tingling seductive games... Continue Reading →

Irina and Georgia in town

We took queer academic theorist Judith Halberstam to Chicago Diner last night. Reeling film fest this week so lots of opps to traipse with queer-bees. Fun convos and lovely ladies all around. My 95 Odyssey vibe seeped warmly into all bodies aboard. Both before and after the fake chickin enchiladas.

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