Chocolate sight for a mountain seal

In the dream there was a large ocean creature hoping to be acknowledged as the first true centipede rising up from a deep clear green pool of water that was shaped into a curve, more like a circus peanut than a smile, and we came upon it as we climbed the side of a Swiss... Continue Reading →


Don’t make me hear a Huckabee (sermon)

┬áThere is a difference between the practice of Christianity which mirrors the liberal philosophy and the compassionate, inclusive acts of Jesus Christ and the practice of what is called christianity by many of my fellow Americans, who use the term but who behave in hateful, judgmental, homophobic, and fearful ways. If Pastor Huckabee, like many... Continue Reading →


floaters what the eye doctor calls em. not much science in the name, not much science in the fear that something could be wrong with my eyes. sometimes, when the morning light slants at me a certain way or the flat shine of the computer screen catches hold of them I seize a little like... Continue Reading →

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