Bargains of a lifetime

Juicy Planet went looking for signs of the revolution in Lower Manhattan but instead found a meat grinder and some crisp blue plastic shoes we didn't know we needed til we saw them. The items, in combination with a head full of Snickers and a bonfire of Zoloft and green tea leaves, are now manifesting... Continue Reading →


Hillary Clinton wrote me a letter

Juicy Planet is enthused to finally understand that money equals access to opportunity! After contributing $25 to the Hillary Clinton campaign, in a euphoric, generous state of mind after some dental work, Juicy Planet has been invited by former President Bill Clinton to maybe attend a special concert by Sir Elton John in New York... Continue Reading →

Don’t make me hear a Huckabee (sermon)

┬áThere is a difference between the practice of Christianity which mirrors the liberal philosophy and the compassionate, inclusive acts of Jesus Christ and the practice of what is called christianity by many of my fellow Americans, who use the term but who behave in hateful, judgmental, homophobic, and fearful ways. If Pastor Huckabee, like many... Continue Reading →

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