Forgotten, except for this post: Rhode Island

Mentioned only 3 times on United States television in all of 2007, with all major broadcast and cable news networks combined, this inchworm of a state prefers to remain below the radar of political and social messiness.

Just 37 miles wide (Seattle to Tacoma) and 47 miles long (Downtown Manhattan to Asbury Park, NJ), Rhode Island causes little trouble and doesn’t ask for much. The first of the 13 colonies to claim it’s independence from British rule and the last state to ratify the Constitution, Rhody is proud to say that minding it’s own business is it’s finest export, but only off the record.

Known to an unnamed few as the Denmark of North America, Rhode Island (from the Dutch Red Island) has a gifted temperament akin to Canada’s. A postage stamp stuck on the wrong end of the envelope, this spiritual leader of all 50 states can only remain so by maintaining it’s anonymity. Little Rhody, your salty shoulders shall still be exalted…neatly and quietly.

CLICK HERE for RI history of slavery, abolition, and Brown University

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river phoenix

The Thing Called Love. 1993 movie with sandra bullock and dermot mulroney before anyone thought they’d become movie stars. River Phoenix, makes me sad when I see him. He makes me think about what January in Seattle is like. Rain rain rain gloomy and so sexy sometimes. Delicious when time slows down so much that it doesn’t matter that sunrise lasts all day but never comes. River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain came from or went to the same mineshaft in my mind, Seattle/Olympia/Portland world, like a salty cupped hand trying to protect the sad brilliant boys from all the jagged tree tops. They glow up the mineshaft with wet blonde light. When I lived in Olympia I wrote a letter to my mother to thank her for taking me all those times to ride horses. She sat in the hot car while I got to pretend I was a cowgirl for an hour. In this movie, River Phoenix is a ranch hand outside Nashville. In one scene, he sits up on the fence in the dark, watching over his horse. He’s wearing a button down shirt. He was really lovely.river1.jpeg