Republican governors better not cheat this time: Democrats bring out the shine

hillary_obama.jpg Juicy Planet predicts that Hillary Clinton will win the majority of Ohio and Texas delegates tonight, but that there will be some confusing counts for Texas due to Texas’ caucus/primary set up. Then there is the Super Delegates issue.

It will be a very close race, close enough to have many voters feeling suspicious about the inconsistent ballot-counting methods we seem unable to rectify each and every important election. Juicy Planet is concerned that the Republican governors and secretaries of state in Ohio and Texas be watched closely by impartial elections officials, as the recent disenfranchising of working class voters through tampering and other strangeness has been evident in those states; Ohio in 2004 and Florida in 2000 Presidential elections, and the Texas Republican re-district-ing of counties and such in recent years to favor them and garner more Republican Congressional seats.

In any case, we are sliding down the hallway in our socks, listening to the sound of American voters having some fun as we move ourselves creatively and calmly into a rich warm positive powerful now.


Al Pacino as Serpico

click for george w. bush 1973 dental records

1973. al_serpico.jpeg When I was running around playing kick-the-can and sneaking into public pools at night, before 16 stitches would be sewn into my right foot from jumping on a glass shard from a Pepsi bottle, but just after the Vietnam War started taking its toll on what was left of our veil of denial in America…

This was when Al Pacino portrayed Frank Serpico, a decent real life cop who was betrayed by many of his fellow officers when he helped root out hypocrisy and corruption in the New York police force. You can look all that up.

What you can’t look up is my Dad’s voice, in 1973, describing to me the difference between battlefield war maneuvers and why he joined the Army, not the Navy, because he didn’t want to die drowning in the ocean and about the mother he met as she carried her child in her arms, pleading with him in Korean for food for her baby. My Dad fought, killed and suffered in the Korean War, and never regained his vitality and optimism.

In 1973, G.W. Bush was up to no good with the same kind of no good drinking buddies he still hangs with now. People who refuse to take responsibility for egregious mistakes, who are incapable of experiencing empathy for others, who are willfully blind to the fate of others, are usually called sociopaths. We can sadly accept a certain degree of human greed, corruption, and violence in the world, as it seems to be sewn into our fearful human fabric, but we cannot accept the level of exploitation, hatred, and demoralizing, short-sighted ineptitude that has been allowed to continue in the United States under G.W. Bush. (See rotten teeth above).

We propose that each voting citizen research what needs to happen to Vote in the November 2008 Presidential election, by ABSENTEE BALLOT, or IN-PERSON at the Election Office in your county. I do not trust the inconsistencies of ballot boxes across states and across the country. We did not elect GW by popular vote, in either 2000 or 2004. Preparing ahead of time, and making voting easy for yourself, is necessary to prevent repeated election tampering and electronic fraud. All voters who don’t think they can stand in long lines on election day, for whatever reason, work, family, no transportation, inconvenience, weather, too busy, too tired, too happy, too high, too much in love….Please mail in your PAPER absentee ballot by the November Election deadline, then have a drink and a cupcake and start planning for a healthier, fairer, happier, safer, richer life with a Democratic (or Independent) leader in the White House.

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