Giving up hope worked! Soldier Field Chicago 12.23.07

click Freddie Mercury quotes The downtrodden 07 Chicago Bears no sooner gave up their season and their professional pride, when from out of bitter, dangerous Sub Zero temperatures and a Christmas time home game came a trouncing of the fabulous Packers. Brett Favre’s fingers nearly broke off as far as I could tell, as he dropped at least 3 balls before he could pass them off. We were hoping for a good game and an easy Packers win, as we love the 38 year old Favre. But we couldn’t help but get swept up in the “Bear Down, Chicago Bears” theme song chanted by thousands in attendance.

It was so cold my eyeballs were afraid to look at anything. Half of Soldier Field, those in the upper decks, left before half time. It was so cold my body would not pee. But it was worth staying until we could dance, on scrunched up and frostbit toes, to Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, and enjoy the thrill of hearing the cheerful voices of the mostly male, straight, likely homophobic football audience singing in unison the anthem’s lyrics, written by the brilliant, beautiful, and queer, Mr. Freddie Mercury. see Freddie Mercury videojp_bears_windchill.jpg


chicago bears green bay packers: why do i care less?

see proof of the power of giving up hope! orton.jpg I like to root for my home team, wherever I happen to live. In football, I grew up wanting the Detroit Lions to win, then the Seattle Seahawks, then the Chicago Bears. But somehow, my teams always end up acting like they are self-defeating manic depressives. Am I bringing my powerful psycho-vibe to town? Am I more powerful than ever in this way? Can I invert the formula, get the team to believe the opposite, and make myself rich like them, I’ll take that money backwards…         img14655_t.jpgThe Bears need a Zoloft IV drip and some time reflecting on how blessed they are to be set for life as multi-millionaire elite (male) athletes. If that doesn’t work, hearing 30 thousand former fans cheer on the Green Bay Packers today may re-arrange their collective brain chemicals (includes all coaches) and they will start playing like the team of merry Elves I know they are, getting things done and making kids happy. Sometimes it feels real good to abandon all hope. It’s a powerful thing. Try it!