LOGO Television features queer indie film “Jamie and Jessie are Not Together”

Jamie and Jessie are Not Together

The LOGO channel showcases upcoming lesbian romantic comedy “Jamie and Jessie are Not Together”, on “That Time of the Month”. Tuesday February 8th at (3am CST, 4am EST).

Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together, the new film from writer/director Wendy Jo Carlton, (director Hannah Free), will be featured on Bridget McManuses’ lesbian artist  showcase, “That Time of the Month” on Tuesday, February 8th (3am CST/4am EST).

Movie Synopsis: Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend? Jamie is moving to New York in two weeks to try and be a Broadway actress and Jessie must figure out what to do about her feelings for Jamie before it’s too late.

Shot on location in Chicago, Illinois, the film is written and directed by Wendy Jo Carlton. It is Executive Produced by Catherine D. Halley, Produced by Anne T. Hanson and Rebecca Sekulich and Co-Produced by Etta Worthington. The film features Jacqui Jackson and Jessica London-Shields in the lead roles, along with many other stellar cast members. Jamie and Jessie are Not Together is a feature film produced by Juicy Planet Pictures.


For more information, please contact juicyplanet@gmail.com


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