the natural winkers

read clooney politics george-clooney-wink.jpg My mom was a natural winker. Giver of spontaneous affection and recognizer of human beauty. An intelligence that comes from being sensitive and empathetic. Winkers have a sense of humor which is generous and warm to others, even strangers. Mom was also quite a waver. She waved with her right hand, and her hand moved from left to right once only and ended with a sort of salute to you. She liked George Clooney, and those classic Hollywood dark-haired men with the mischief thing in the smile. Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant. It didn’t hurt that George is the nephew of one her favorite singers, Rosemary “C’mon a my House” Clooney.

Mom wasn’t an over-user of the wink. It would come when I didn’t expect it, surprising my heart into feeling like it was the house we were all sitting in. I felt not only special, but that she liked who I was, maybe remembered me as her baby, her toddler, her teenager, her runaway…I was her child who became her cohort. In that wink, Mom reminded me that she was still a secret conductor of love and laughter under the radar of normal family frequencies, and that I need never worry about not being known in this world.


Kinda Loud before the Silent Night

From the upcoming album of Christmas favorites, “Our Traditions are Better”, performed by the Midwest’s popular song stylists, Yummy Yumma.