little pea green boat!

2 minutes.

The owl and the pussycat went out to sea in a beautiful pea green boat. When they came back, Juicy Planet let them in and this is what they tried to say.


Jesus falls the third time

Juicy Planet is pleased to announce that there are many more people who care about the well-being of others than there are the ones who claim spiritual-enlightenment but who in reality treat those who are hurting, or anyone different from themselves, with disregard or disdain. We will try to not let the sad machinations of the loudy stompy pouty minority interrupt the slow simmering beauty of our collective, free-thinking humanity.

In other news, American citizens intending to vote for Obama for U.S. President in November 2008, are already anticipating how fabulous it will feel to have a conscience in the White House again, and something to look forward to, other than the occasional decent bagel.

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the kite that was magic

The man lifted his arms suddenly then and then again, pulling and reaching while looking always upward. It looked like he was reeling in an invisible, formidable dinner fish, holding a large spool of clear fishing line in his right hand. Juicy Planet followed his eyes and searched the salted sky between Lake Michigan and the charmless buildings of the Gold Coast near Lake Shore Drive, but could not see what the man was seeing. He pointed a number of times but the only movement was a sparrow diving drunk into a treetop.

Juicy Planet moved then to stand right next to the nodding man named Juan, who lent us his arm and finger to gaze across until we were startled and blessed with the tingle of discovery as the tiny, so tiny, red kite appeared, snaking and dancing like a spermatozoa at last free from the boredom of biology and skipping instead through the unseen waves of the 40 mph lakeside wind, and losing itself until our eyes found it.

For 3 cents, Juan had turned a piece of 8 1/2 by 11 paper into a sparkling kite church, where nobody ever cares how long it takes.