Tom Waits for no man


While cleaning out our car to try and find the receipt for a wedding gift (clock) we  needed to return so we could pay our dentist bill, Juicy Planet discovered instead a  ticket stub from a 2002 Tom Petty concert (Grand Rapids), a reddish piece of soft glass that did not want to be found, a good half pound of pretzel salt (once swept), and a photograph of Tom Waits, minding his own business on Rush Street in Chicago on some cloudy afternoon when he couldn’t pretend he wasn’t him and we couldn’t pretend we didn’t care that he was the kind of guy who can charm and stun a heart in a hundred kinda ways before breakfast. We went where he just was and ordered a mocha. Juicy Planet is keeping the clock.


between frozen and thawed

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Poet Staceyann Chin visits Chicago during snowstorm

staceyann chin Lesbian poet, writer, and activist Staceyann Chin presented new work from her upcoming memoir, The Other Side of Paradise, last night at Chicago’s LGBT Center on Halsted. Chin was the winner of the 1999 Chicago People of Color Slam and was featured on Oprah last fall. The new book centers on her childhood and teen years in Jamaica, raised by various relatives, after being abandoned by her parents. The Other Side of Paradise will be published by Scribner of Simon and Schuster next month. Juicy Planet thought the combo of sexy writer, red wine, and month-old banana nut muffin was delectable and nearly undeserving.

For Staceyann Chin audio and writing samples, CLICK here