Republican governors better not cheat this time: Democrats bring out the shine

hillary_obama.jpg Juicy Planet predicts that Hillary Clinton will win the majority of Ohio and Texas delegates tonight, but that there will be some confusing counts for Texas due to Texas’ caucus/primary set up. Then there is the Super Delegates issue.

It will be a very close race, close enough to have many voters feeling suspicious about the inconsistent ballot-counting methods we seem unable to rectify each and every important election. Juicy Planet is concerned that the Republican governors and secretaries of state in Ohio and Texas be watched closely by impartial elections officials, as the recent disenfranchising of working class voters through tampering and other strangeness has been evident in those states; Ohio in 2004 and Florida in 2000 Presidential elections, and the Texas Republican re-district-ing of counties and such in recent years to favor them and garner more Republican Congressional seats.

In any case, we are sliding down the hallway in our socks, listening to the sound of American voters having some fun as we move ourselves creatively and calmly into a rich warm positive powerful now.


“Patriot Act” brings bad karma to New England, NY Giants upset Pats in Superbowl 2008


click here for Patriots spying scandal! pilevideotaping.jpg

Juicy Planet insiders have revealed that the New England Patriots karma is due to make a visit to Arizona today in the Superbowl. Due to the Patriots naughty cheating in the past, getting the upper hand in football games by videotaping their opponents defensive signals and various other spy tactics, their bad karma took away what many believed would be the honor of being the only 19-0 team in NFL history. Tom Brady is a fantastic athlete and competitor, like most of the players on the field, but coach Bill Belichick has been cheating for years, and karma has finally latched onto his bumper.

In other Superbowl news, sports bets are heavily favoring the Giants, who are +12.5 point underdogs, by over 70%. This means, whether you watch or not, whether you bet or not, or whether you could care less about the Superbowl and all it’s wasteful, superficial American excess, that the average citizen is ready for the rise of the underdog, which, actually happens to be, the average citizen.