There isn’t an answer to everything

After decades of unfunded research into human psycho-emotional sensitivity, spontaneous, sometimes suspect, transactions of love and memory, and the experience of a Baker’s Dozen of mysterious neurological and/or physical ailments and disorders which have caused various degrees of anxiety and paralysis, Juicy Planet is pleased to finally be able to report that there isn’t an answer to everything. Millions of sticky pages of intel, cross referenced and expertly seasoned, can be made available upon request.



David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are my neighbors

david_gillian.jpg David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are in production of the X Files film sequel. Most folks in their late teens, early 20’s don’t have a clue about pop cultural significance of the X Files TV show. But there are enough people out there who will clammer to see another movie. X Files was a phenomenon in that it drew together conspiracy theorists, nerds, sci-fi fans, liberal, conservative, humanist and queer viewers into the underbelly of the connections between our criminal, political, and metaphysical realities. All before the world of ubiquitous cell phone, internet, or Bush Administration darkness would come to pass. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming sequel reflects these changes.

David and Gillian may be older but they are both looking super fine and loose in other new work. Duchovny has a hit new Showtime series, Californication. We were skeptical about it’s heavy use of predictable male fantasy stuff, similar to all the Entourage characters. But turns out that Cali is a much better-written series. It stays focused on the psyche of writer Hank, and his numerous insecurities and visceral, sexual exploits. It’s much less superficial than Entourage, which is also set in L.A. amidst agents and filmmakers. Hank and Karen give us delicious glimpses at human complexity, vulnerability, and believable sexual chemistry, while delivering lots of hot bods and naughty trysts. Californication lets us give a crap about it’s characters, maybe even the human condition, while Entourage is strictly a situation-fraternity, Hollywood-insider ride.


Juicy Planet dreamt that Gillian Anderson moved in next door in the big blue house, the one with 2 dogs and the weekly Peapod deliveries. She had a lab set up in her attic and on starless nights we could see her weighing photographs and sometimes rolling foam curlers in her hair. She was wearing a long jean skirt, and some slippers. David Duchovny showed up with some rainbow sherbet, but she didn’t hear him knocking. gillian-anderson005.jpg