Video on iPod found in Chicago: Bad time to visit a vampire

The Hunger, directed by Tony Scott, 1983. Provocative. Erotic. David Bowie. Heartbreaking. In this scene, from a video clip found on an iPod lost on a Chicago subway, Susan Sarandon's Sarah, lover of Catherine Deneuve's Miriam, is a newly minted immortal vampire suffering from withdrawal as she refuses to kill for her survival. Sarah's former... Continue Reading →


Donna Newton for U.S. President 2008!

Lovely queer lady decides after much lounging and little doubt, to make a serious run for President of the United States of America 2008. Stay tuned for details!

Irina and Georgia in town

We took queer academic theorist Judith Halberstam to Chicago Diner last night. Reeling film fest this week so lots of opps to traipse with queer-bees. Fun convos and lovely ladies all around. My 95 Odyssey vibe seeped warmly into all bodies aboard. Both before and after the fake chickin enchiladas.

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