Video on iPod found in Chicago: Bad time to visit a vampire

The Hunger, directed by Tony Scott, 1983. Provocative. Erotic. David Bowie. Heartbreaking. In this scene, from a video clip found on an iPod lost on a Chicago subway, Susan Sarandon’s Sarah, lover of Catherine Deneuve’s Miriam, is a newly minted immortal vampire suffering from withdrawal as she refuses to kill for her survival. Sarah’s former boyfriend picks the wrong time to try and bring her home. After this moment, he is not seen again.


Donna Newton for U.S. President 2008!

Lovely queer lady decides after much lounging and little doubt, to make a serious run for President of the United States of America 2008. Stay tuned for details!

I hugged Hillary Clinton in a hotel this morning


In the dream, I was spending a weekend with George Clooney and some of his buddies somewhere in a snowy Midwest ski area, where no one was skiing they just wanted to be able to ski if the mood struck. George invited me to stay with him in his hotel room after meeting me on the side of the road, where I had just slid my motorcycle into a steep snow bank, on purpose, because I knew the road was too icy to stop without getting hurt. It was dumb to be on the motorcycle but it was the only way to quickly get away from my lover, who I saw flirting with another woman and winking at her in that “my girlfriend won’t know what I’m really up to” way. So I was real glad to see George with his sweet face and understanding invitation to sleep with him, as I saw fit.

George and the gang all went swimming in a warm lovely little lake, where I had to walk in my wet underwear and Tshirt past George and hoped my skin wasn’t too winter pale for his taste. We returned to the ski slopes just as the ice storm picked up again, turning the wooded trail into a dangerous slippery mountain climbing passage. I was just about to swing open a metal gate that led to our hotel when I was struck by lightning. The intensity of the light was unnatural, blinding and complete, and the voice of lightning found the deepest place in my heart and suddenly stopped talking altogether, the silence louder and sadder than anything I’ve ever heard.

When I woke up I was laying wrapped in a blanket watching George on the end of the hotel bed rearranging his shaving kit. He stood by me and winked, kissed my cheek, and left for work. The door opened again immediately and it was a woman. She was short, dressed in business casual, and had sexy brown lipstick on. She sat on the floor next to the bed and draped her arm over me. I brought my arm out and pulled her face closer. Since I didn’t have my glasses on, I didn’t know it was Hillary Clinton until she was near enough to kiss. Her hair smelled like daffodils and leather. She said, “Thanks,” and then I sat up so we could hug better. I wanted to kiss her more, so I got up to brush my teeth. Hillary propped herself up on the pillows and started reading a page from The Onion that was strewn on the floor. I stood in front of the sink brushing for a very long time, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get all the ground up peanut fragments out of my mouth.

“You’ll get used to it”, Hillary said.


David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are my neighbors

david_gillian.jpg David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are in production of the X Files film sequel. Most folks in their late teens, early 20’s don’t have a clue about pop cultural significance of the X Files TV show. But there are enough people out there who will clammer to see another movie. X Files was a phenomenon in that it drew together conspiracy theorists, nerds, sci-fi fans, liberal, conservative, humanist and queer viewers into the underbelly of the connections between our criminal, political, and metaphysical realities. All before the world of ubiquitous cell phone, internet, or Bush Administration darkness would come to pass. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming sequel reflects these changes.

David and Gillian may be older but they are both looking super fine and loose in other new work. Duchovny has a hit new Showtime series, Californication. We were skeptical about it’s heavy use of predictable male fantasy stuff, similar to all the Entourage characters. But turns out that Cali is a much better-written series. It stays focused on the psyche of writer Hank, and his numerous insecurities and visceral, sexual exploits. It’s much less superficial than Entourage, which is also set in L.A. amidst agents and filmmakers. Hank and Karen give us delicious glimpses at human complexity, vulnerability, and believable sexual chemistry, while delivering lots of hot bods and naughty trysts. Californication lets us give a crap about it’s characters, maybe even the human condition, while Entourage is strictly a situation-fraternity, Hollywood-insider ride.


Juicy Planet dreamt that Gillian Anderson moved in next door in the big blue house, the one with 2 dogs and the weekly Peapod deliveries. She had a lab set up in her attic and on starless nights we could see her weighing photographs and sometimes rolling foam curlers in her hair. She was wearing a long jean skirt, and some slippers. David Duchovny showed up with some rainbow sherbet, but she didn’t hear him knocking. gillian-anderson005.jpg

Poet Staceyann Chin visits Chicago during snowstorm

staceyann chin Lesbian poet, writer, and activist Staceyann Chin presented new work from her upcoming memoir, The Other Side of Paradise, last night at Chicago’s LGBT Center on Halsted. Chin was the winner of the 1999 Chicago People of Color Slam and was featured on Oprah last fall. The new book centers on her childhood and teen years in Jamaica, raised by various relatives, after being abandoned by her parents. The Other Side of Paradise will be published by Scribner of Simon and Schuster next month. Juicy Planet thought the combo of sexy writer, red wine, and month-old banana nut muffin was delectable and nearly undeserving.

For Staceyann Chin audio and writing samples, CLICK here

Irina and Georgia in town

We took queer academic theorist Judith Halberstam to Chicago Diner last night. Reeling film fest this week so lots of opps to traipse with queer-bees. Fun convos and lovely ladies all around. My 95 Odyssey vibe seeped warmly into all bodies aboard. Both before and after the fake chickin enchiladas.