SuperDawg Hot Dogs get their day on the TV (for better or worse) Obama loves ’em!

Maurie, Flaurie Berman! (the hot dogs who wear caveman clothes and want you to eat them) @Superdawg a Piece of Classic Chicago… They were on the TV in Chicago Monday Morning. FYI, it’s the french fries that should have the last word, they are the real deal.


Tom Waits for no man


While cleaning out our car to try and find the receipt for a wedding gift (clock) we  needed to return so we could pay our dentist bill, Juicy Planet discovered instead a  ticket stub from a 2002 Tom Petty concert (Grand Rapids), a reddish piece of soft glass that did not want to be found, a good half pound of pretzel salt (once swept), and a photograph of Tom Waits, minding his own business on Rush Street in Chicago on some cloudy afternoon when he couldn’t pretend he wasn’t him and we couldn’t pretend we didn’t care that he was the kind of guy who can charm and stun a heart in a hundred kinda ways before breakfast. We went where he just was and ordered a mocha. Juicy Planet is keeping the clock.

Vienna at Christmas time

Nobody puts Baby in a corner, Helen Shiller

The City of Chicago has a big heart when it comes to summer outdoor movies in it’s bountiful parks. Most of the films are rated PG, whether they’re current, like Transformers, or classics, like All About Eve. However, on August 21st, 2008, when Juicy Planet showed up full of glee at Cricket Hill-Montrose Harbor, with a bottle of chilled white illegal and pasteurized cheese arranged like a tiny silver pie cut into triangles, to see the one and only Dirty Dancing, we were left staring up at the dusty cornflower sky, with no movie of no kind, for two hours.

We waited and waited, along with hundreds of other dejected Chicago admirers of Frances “Baby” Houseman and her spitfire sassypants dancer/lover, Johnny Castle. After several concerned Chicago-311 calls were made demanding info on the whereabouts of the missing mobile movie screen truck, lost in the city somewhere with the 3-story-tall projection of the unmistakable face of the young Jennifer Grey, Cricket Hill erupted into a riot of drinky moves and gritty voices, having the time of our lives, together in the dark, without owing anything at all to the city aldermen.

Jesus falls the third time

Juicy Planet is pleased to announce that there are many more people who care about the well-being of others than there are the ones who claim spiritual-enlightenment but who in reality treat those who are hurting, or anyone different from themselves, with disregard or disdain. We will try to not let the sad machinations of the loudy stompy pouty minority interrupt the slow simmering beauty of our collective, free-thinking humanity.

In other news, American citizens intending to vote for Obama for U.S. President in November 2008, are already anticipating how fabulous it will feel to have a conscience in the White House again, and something to look forward to, other than the occasional decent bagel.

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Craigslist Free item of the week: flip flops

Barely used. Size 10. Must pick up before 6pm.

Flaming Finger will not be put out, even with beer

guy named charlie tempted by flame

moth guy drawn to wicked flame

Sometime in the near past, Juicy Planet was swooped up by an un-forecast-able Midwest tornado, and was sleepily set down again in the middle of an electrocutionist’s drunken indoor carnival, except without the good food (see below). In the center quadrant, near tingling seductive games of chance that involved fake gold medallions and giant watches, which forced us to rediscover the power of generosity and friendliness, there was a tornado within the tornado around a peculiar game called Flaming Finger. It pulled on us like we were a tiny cardboard skiff inside the Bermuda Triangle. Hundreds of sleepwalkers gathered just to be near it, but the moth we’ll call “Charlie” refused to give anyone else a turn on it, madly in love was he with the after effects of the magical but deadly tracing game. Hours later, we woke up headed north on the #36 bus, completely rewired and calm, grateful for the Morse code message of Tesla’s fluorescent lighting overhead.

thirsty lady fears flame may demand sacrifice

thirsty lady fears flame may demand sacrifice

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