A Merry Gents Christmas Drive-by, by Yummy Yumma!

CLICK here for latest Xmas song! Merry Gents Drive-by! From the upcoming album of Christmas favorites, “Our Traditions are Better”, performed by the Midwest popular song stylists, Yummy Yumma.


ode to Patrick Chan

And on the sixth day of the Juicy Planet flu it was the ever-so-kind and thoughtful spammer who remembered us in our suffering persistently encouraging us to feel better soon through various get-rich-quick-while-helping-others opportunities (see incredible offer below!). For this we are grateful and offer in return the following Poem: --------------------------------------- you bold fake Patricks... Continue Reading →

Jesus falls the third time

Juicy Planet is pleased to announce that there are many more people who care about the well-being of others than there are the ones who claim spiritual-enlightenment but who in reality treat those who are hurting, or anyone different from themselves, with disregard or disdain. We will try to not let the sad machinations of... Continue Reading →

Flaming Finger will not be put out, even with beer

CLICK here for exclusive Flaming Finger Soundtrack - 30 sec. Sometime in the near past, Juicy Planet was swooped up by an un-forecast-able Midwest tornado, and was sleepily set down again in the middle of an electrocutionist's drunken indoor carnival, except without the good food (see below). In the center quadrant, near tingling seductive games... Continue Reading →

Madonna not seen with Jennifer Aniston!

Juicy Planet has been informed that the morning after Yankees shortstop Alex Rodriguez was seen leaving Madonna's New York apartment recently, Jennifer Aniston was not seen leaving Madonna's apartment. Aniston was reportedly relaxing in a bathtub of cool rosewater and mint sprigs. Aniston was overheard having a lover's quarrel with someone named Ross, which was... Continue Reading →

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