Jamie and Jessie chill on the steps (in between dates)

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What do you think? ARE they together?

The woman about to appear for her date with Jessie sure wonders what the deal is!

WATCH the movie trailer here: LESBIAN COMEDY TRAILER


Inverted Stepford Wife-ism taking toll on Golden Rule

Cindy telepathically noisy

  Juicy Planet has been put on ORANGE ALERT due to the curious socio-medical condition whose origin has been traced to the DNA of females born and raised into the American upper middle, lower upper, and middle flyweight classes. The disease, popularly known as the Inverted Stepford, seems to take hold in female subjects in early adulthood, when being privileged and rich sours a tad due to the double pressures of having to be successful at some high level of some kind of field while simultaneously expected to act as a subservient to all the males in her environment, at least in public, regardless of how much more intelligent, talented, or confident the female may be when compared to the male she is seen stiffly standing next to.

Cindy McCain rolls with changes

The original Stepford Wife virus was actually developed and perfected by garden variety sexist males who sought to maintain complete control over their wives, to the point of altering their wives ability to remember how lovely flip flops felt beneath their wet feet, let alone what personality they may have had before being infected.

Inverted Stepford differs from the original strain in that these females seem to enjoy living with the virus; looking, standing and speaking as if they believe the rhetoric of their unattractive right wing spouses, understanding the exquisite pleasure of deferred power, when the cameras are turned off and they can abuse the maid, the dog, the flight attendant, behind closed doors. Many of these subjects seem to share a penchant for prescription drugs, so it is advised to clean out your medicine cabinet before invited one over for tea. The risk of contagious infection is low, although these females do tend to cause an awful lot of damage at the political and cultural levels of society, likely as they are to sit on various and sundry corporate and hospital boards and to be married to politicians, ministers, and Republicans. See entries for: Cindy McCain, Victoria Osteen, et al.

Vicky Osteen smelling fre$h bread

Vicky Osteen semi-pro glarer






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Video on iPod found in Chicago: Bad time to visit a vampire

The Hunger, directed by Tony Scott, 1983. Provocative. Erotic. David Bowie. Heartbreaking. In this scene, from a video clip found on an iPod lost on a Chicago subway, Susan Sarandon’s Sarah, lover of Catherine Deneuve’s Miriam, is a newly minted immortal vampire suffering from withdrawal as she refuses to kill for her survival. Sarah’s former boyfriend picks the wrong time to try and bring her home. After this moment, he is not seen again.

Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bernhard holding the world up

In the dream, Sandra Bernhard was holding a red metallic mini-disc recorder. She wanted to record herself remembering her dreams. We knew we were already inside one of those dark mortality dreams, with that “I’m gonna be dead someday” feeling. Sandra and I were both scared, our faces and necks getting hot, like fever. Sandra held the recorder near her mouth, then decided that I should go first. I put my hand on top of hers and brought the recorder close to my own mouth. I wanted to kiss the back of her hand but was distracted by the glossy green stones in every ring on every finger of her hand, each stone reflecting the light that was coming from the end of a telescope she had stationed by the window.

“In the year 2525”, I said, leaning in against her arm, “500 citizens got quite good at switching eyeballs with each other. A Minus 425 nearsight for a Plus 1200 farsight, in diopters, got to be no big deal for them, it was the resulting emotional perception exchange that was the real gamble”.

“Yeah”, Sandra imagined, “my 20-20 for Angelina Jolie’s Minus 175, hardly a change in vision really, except for night driving, I could get by squinting when I had to…but Angelina’s emotional rub…I…no, too packed tight like a snowball in spring…”. Then Sandra clicked off the recorder and wrapped her hands around mine, “Tell me your numbers, darling”. Before I could say just how I thought I saw, footsteps sounded up from the stairwell that led down to the stage where someone had just finished a performance, we could hear the applause spilling over. Sandra and I turned together toward the doorway and waited. We were awestruck, when the footsteps stopped, to see Hillary Clinton there, grinning at us, looking smart in a long red gown that exposed much of her beautiful breasts. In her right hand she was loosely holding a pair of binoculars.

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Donna Newton for U.S. President 2008!

Lovely queer lady decides after much lounging and little doubt, to make a serious run for President of the United States of America 2008. Stay tuned for details!

Ellen Burstyn on my way to Kathy Bates

In the dream, Ellen Burstyn had very short hair from the 70’s, like Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing a faux David Bowie in the Todd Haynes film Velvet Goldmine. But Ellen was sexier because Ellen is sexier. Ellen was standing waist deep in water in the middle of a living room. It was nighttime and there was a fire in the background in the fireplace but we could see through it into the kitchen, where a glass bowl full of fat strawberries sat on the counter. Kathy Bates walked into the frame and started cutting the strawberries up and I watched her pop a few into her mouth. She turned and looked at me through the fire and gave me a warm smile, the kind that makes me feel seen and appreciated, the kind I know no one else in the room has noticed except for us, the kind that makes me want to kiss the person giving it to me immediately, because it is so genuine, generous, that I must move fast and seal it with a kiss, because joy requires it.

As I waded near Ellen Burstyn to get to Kathy Bates mouth, I noticed her colorful gauze smock floating on the surface of the water and I thought to myself in the dream, “like Ophelia”. Ellen’s fingertips grazed my leg beneath the water as I passed and I swore I heard her say, “Same time next year.”

Exclusive: Stevie Nicks quote of the week

fire on fire rain on my face

fever grows higher what can you do

wild in the darkest places of your mind

that’s where I needed you where I needed you the most

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